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//indigo -- -- -- indigomoonlight@lj

& the moon gives an indigo glow

indigomoonlight :: i-con because i-can
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  ♥  the journal;
fallapartagain's graphics. Mostly icons. Sometimes not.

  ♥  the girl;
fallapartagain @ Livejournal. English. Student. Procrastinator.

  ♥  the info;
Welcome to fallapartagain' graphics LJ. Please comment, concrit and praise. Expect patterns and trends in the form of "omgtaylorswift." "omgtaylorswift." "omgzooeydeschanel." "omgtaylorswift."

  ♥  the rules;
Comment if you like it. Even better, take it - but be sure to comment when you do. If you take anything, please credit fallapartagain or indigomoonlight. Please don't hotlink - Photobucket is free and easy.

  ♥  the resources;
The resources are a work in progress. If you see a texture or brush of yours please message me. I ain't no plagarist.

The current layout, grey and pink, was made by unknown (if it's yours, please let me know! I forgot to make a note when I downloaded the overrides!) and the code was edited by fallapartagain.

  ♥  the affiliates;